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Who we are

CTLGH consists of dedicated groups and individuals committed to research-driven solutions that support improved livestock-based livelihoods and address the challenges of food security, health and well-being and gender equity for people in the tropics.

Principals Group

The Principals Group provides oversight to the Centre and its programmes under the terms of the Framework Collaboration Agreement signed by the strategic partners. This group consists of three members which are leaders of the strategic partner institutions:

Centre Management Group

The Centre Management Group (CMG) oversees the development of the Centre and its programmes, on behalf of the strategic partner institutions. Current members of the Centre Management Group are:

International Advisory Committee

The International Advisory Committee (IAC) provides advice to the CTLGH Directorate on the scientific quality and relevance of its joint research projects, the future directions of its programmes and the overall development of the Centre. The IAC is comprised of eight members with senior or leadership roles in academia, industry and agriculture scattered across the globe.