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Our People

CTLGH consists of dedicated groups and individuals committed to research-driven solutions that support improved livestock-based livelihoods and address the challenges of food security, health and well-being and gender equity for people in the tropics.

Principals Group

The Principals Group provides oversight to the Centre and its programmes under the terms of the Framework Collaboration Agreement signed by the strategic partners. This group consists of three members which are leaders of the strategic partner institutions:

Appolinaire Djikeng

CTLGH Principal and Director General of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Wayne Powell

CTLGH Principal and Principal and Chief Executive of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)

Bruce Whitelaw

CTLGH Principal and Director of The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

Centre Management Group

The Centre Management Group (CMG) oversees the development of the Centre and its programmes, on behalf of the strategic partner institutions. Current members of the Centre Management Group are:

Kellie Watson

Interim CTLGH Director and Chair of Tropical Agriculture and Sustainable Development, University of Edinburgh

Jamie Newbold

CTLGH Deputy Director and Academic Director of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)

Steve Kemp

CTLGH Deputy Director and Program Leader for Livestock Genetics, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Core Team

Jen Meikle

Centre Operations Manager

Emily Meijaard

Communications and Coordination Officer

International Scientific Advisory Committee

The International Scientific Advisory Committee (ISAC) provides advice to the CTLGH Directorate on the scientific quality and relevance of its joint research projects, the future directions of its programmes and the overall development of the Centre. The IAC is comprised of eight members with senior or leadership roles in academia, industry and agriculture scattered across the globe.

Research Management Group

The Research Management Group (RMG) is collectively responsible for the delivery of the joint programmes and projects. Current RMG membership includes the members of the Centre Management Group as well as our partner institutions, The Roslin Institute, ILRI, and SRUC. The RMG covers projects in seven main areas:

Dairy Genomics Programme

Joram Mwacharo, SRUC

Mark Bronsvoort, The Roslin Institute

Liam Morrison, The Roslin Institute

Phil Toye, ILRI

Raphael Mrode, ILRI

Annie Cook, ILRI

Poultry Genomics Programme

Kellie Watson, The Roslin Institute

Jacqueline Smith, The Roslin Institute

Nick Sparks, SRUC

Georgios Banos, SRUC

Olivier Hanotte, ILRI

Small Ruminants Genomics Programme

Emily Clark, The Roslin Institute

Joanne Conington, SRUC

Julie Ojango, ILRI

Data and Breeding Systems Programme

Steve Kemp, ILRI

Mazdak Salavati, SRUC

Gregor Gorjanc, The Roslin Institute

Mike Coffey, SRUC

(Poultry) Cellular Resources, Functional Genomics and Biotechnology Programme

Christian Tiambo, ILRI

Mike McGrew, The Roslin Institute

Lonneke Vervelde, The Roslin Institute

Jos Houdjik, SRUC

(Bovine) Cellular Resources, Functional Genomics and Biotechnology Programme

Simon Lillico, The Roslin Institute

James Prendergast, The Roslin Institute

Tom Burdon, The Roslin Institute

Musa Hasan, The Roslin Institute

Christian Tiambo, ILRI​

Capacity Building and Knowledge Exchange Programme

Isidore Houaga, The Roslin Institute

Oluyinka Opoola, The Roslin Institute

Raphael Mrode, SRUC

Chinyere Ekine, ILRI