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Health Genetics

The health of farmed animals is integral to their ability to yield. This programme selects genetic traits to improve disease resistance and resilience of cattle and poultry in the tropics for healthier livestock.

Featured projects

High resolution genotypes and phenotypes associated with livestock disease resistance

  • Identifying Genomic markers for growth, disease resistance and survival in East African Shorthorn Zebu cattle
  • Determining Species composition of parasitic nematode and trematode co-infections in cattle populations
  • Linking Major Histocompatability Complex (MHC) genetic diversity to immune responses in tropical livestock populations
  • Tick resistance – linking genotype to disease phenotype in African cattle

Genetics of tolerance to T. parva infection

Reducing the impact of East Coast fever (ECF) on smallholder and pastoralist systems

Programme Leads

Mark Bronsvoort

The Roslin Institute